Dear Abah,

Several days ago, Umi is getting older. It is only 4 months the gap, you and Umi. She is 60 now. I am afraid. I am worried. 

Allah called you when you were 60 yo and 3 months. 

Umi is worried if I leave her, but deepest in my heart, I am the one who are feeling the fear. I dont want to be left again. I am not strong enough now. Still, I dont have a hand. I cant hold it. 

I am so tired acting like I am strong. I really want to cry on other's shoulder. My friends are so far from me. I miss them.

People have their own world. I dont step in theirs. 

But what should I do now?

dr. V asked me a month ago about it. 

What should I do? 

I need a map to walk. 

I need someone accompanying me. 

My legs are shaking. 

It is 30

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